Q: Can I use the salad dressing as a marinade?

A: Yes, our dressing is used to marinade chicken, beef, pork & fish.

Q: Who is the woman on the Fanny’s label?

A: That’s Fanny Mencoboni, Lee’s Mom. Fanny created the dressing when the restaurant (La Cantina Italiana) first opened.

Q: How long will Dressing last on shelf or do I need to refrigerate?

A: The dressing you’ll receive from us is always freshly made. You only need to refrigerate the dressing you open. You can safely store the unopened remaining bottles in your pantry for up to 1 year. You can always check the use by date on the cap.

Q: Do you sell in bulk to restaurants?

A: Yes we do. To buy wholesale contact Steve at 508-879-1357 or email us using the contact form.

Q: Why does Fanny's dressing get thick or gel when I take it out of my refrigerator?

A: That can happen. Usually it means your refrigerator is too cold or the dressing is in a colder part of your refigerator.  The simple solution is to take it out of the refrigerator and in a short time it will return to a more liquid state.

Q: Why does Fanny's dressing sometimes look like it has particles in the bottom?

A: Fanny's Original dressing is a separating dressing which means it has a blend of spices that need to be shaken well. Those particles you see are those spices. We can't stress enough that the better you shake Fanny's the better Fanny's tastes.

Q: I love your Lite dressing. It is better than any Lite dressing I have ever had. What makes it so different from other Lite dressings?

A: Our secret blend of Oils and spices give Fanny's Lite dressing its unique flavor. You will find that most Lite dressings use water as their first ingredient. Fanny's does not sacrifice flavor by adding a lot of water.

Q: Why can't I find Fanny's in my local supermarket?

A: Many huge chains charge what is called a slotting fee for the privilege of being in their stores and this can be very costly for a small company. We have found though that our loyal customers have gotten Fanny's into some of these chains simply by making repeated requests to the store manager at their favorite store. Once a demand is created these chains have actually relaxed these huge fees and we can bring our product to you at a competitive price. So don't be shy about asking for Fanny's at your local supermarket.

Q: What makes Fanny's different from other Italian dressings?


Fanny's Italian Dressings have a great flavor that people describe as clean, bright and smooth and were created by Fanny Mencoboni over 50 years ago in her small kitchen and first enjoyed by her family. Today thousands of patrons at the family operated restaurant "La Cantina" enjoy it.  These customers were so taken by the unique flavor of Fanny's dressing they would line up every day at the back window to bring home this dressing to their families dinner table.



Fanny's tastes so good you want to put it on more than just salads. Fanny's is freat as a sandwich topping. It makes an Italian sub truly Italian. It also has been used as a base for mouth watering bruschetta and is fabulous as a marinade. You have never had swordfish, pork chops, steap tips, or meatloaf until you have tried it with Fanny's Italian Dressings, and the recipes are easy to access at our website. Oh yea it's still a great salad dressing too and what it does for pasta salad or tortellini salad no other dressing can do.

Q: I don't like Lite Dressings. Why should I try Fanny's?


Other lite dressings claim to taste good but who are they fooling. By the time they add their gums and water you have a slimy dressing with that funny after taste that just doesn't cut it. Fanny's Lite Dressing doesn't sacrifice flavor for anything and we don't believe gumming up the works with funny sounding additives. Fanny's is all about flavor.  The best part is what our Lite Dressing does for your waistline because it scores just 1 point on Wait watchers calorie counter.

Q: What makes Fanny's Pasta Sauces different from other jarred sauces?

A: Fresh ingredients for one. Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh onions, Fresh Celery, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive oil along with our natural spices makes Fanny's Marinara Sauce truly special. Fresh Pork and Chicken makes Fanny's meat sauce the best tasting sauce on the market today. Also if you are on a low carb diet Fanny's Meat Sauce has only 5 grams of carbs as well as only 2 grams of sugar. Most importantly though Fanny's Pasta Sauces are proven recipes that have been served in Fanny's home and her Italian restaurant La Cantina for over 60 years. This truly is it! The best!